For the electronic trading Sol-3 offers a variety of functions:

Stock trading:

• Single-click trading (order matching, order entry, order cancellation)
• Support of special order types (iceberg, market-to-limit, etc.)
• Real time display of stock positions and profit & losses
• Calculation and display of all fees (CCP fees, exchange fees, clearing fees, inhouse fees)
• Direct comparison of stock prices at several stock exchanges

Future trading:

• Single-click trading (order matching, order entry, order cancellation)
• Clickboard with preconfigured quantities
• Fast price and order updates
• Absolute market display
• Overview of all orders, partial fills in the market depth
• Real time profit & loss display

Options trading:

• Flexible, precise and high performance calculation of theoretical prices
• Own volatility curves per series and option type with various interpolations
• Exact and efficient calculation of implied volatilities in the market
• Automatic adjustments by “skewed“ volatility as market changes
• Own interest rate editor
• Various option price models
• Option price models consider specifics with “out-of-the-money“ / “in-the-money“ options
• Display of all option greeks (delta, gamma, vega, theta, rho, fugit, etc.)
• Individual configurations for weightings of maturity times
• Various parameters for binomial model adjustments