Additionally Sol-3 offers diverse services around the core product.

Consequently our customers can participate in the expertise and competence of our professional employees, the long years of experience in the area of exchange trading, product development, customer service and project management.

Our ultimate goal is a direct and partnership-like business relationship with our customers.

With this in mind, we achieve to understand the business goals, the strategies and the trading ideas of our customers and find the optimal solution according to their requirements.

We advise our customers on trading strategies, technical exchange and data provider connections, analysis and optimizing existing trading infrastructures.

Sol-3 is a professional service provider.

Our support offering contains not only a permanent maintenance of the hardware, software and networks, but also support for the traders, to provide a contemporary and solution-oriented support especially in critical situations.

All employees distinguish themselves by having a good qualifications and motivation. We provide competent support for issues, questions and trading ideas.

When using an individual trading system there is, especially in the introduction phase, a requirement for specialist training and support.

All new traders are introduced and individually trained according to their assignments and areas of responsibility.

The result is an individual and specific configuration, which gives the trader an optimal support for his duties, his trading success and profit.