Sol-3 GmbH & Co. KG has been a specialized software vendor for electronic exchange trading systems since 2000
when the company was founded.

The product Sol-3 Trader is designed to meet the requirements for today’s sophisticated exchange trading.
The main focus is speed! Our aim is to provide a software solution, which ensures long-term success for our customers in continuously accelerating markets and electronic trading.

Competence, creativity and continuity are fundamental to the outstanding quality of the software.

Our successful projects with our customers have guaranteed a continuous and solid growth in the past and provide stability for the future.

Our customers benefit from a professional, comprehensive and individual customer service as well as from technical experience in connections to electronic exchanges worldwide.

Sol-3 is divided into 3 main business lines: Sales & Marketing, IT & Support and Development. Our objective is to develop prime quality software solutions through innovation, performance and particularly in cooperation with our customers. This high quality aims to secure the long-term success and customer satisfaction.

In a nutshell this makes Sol-3 a valuable and special asset in today’s world: a true business partner!